DJ Kraze

In 1978 at the tender age of 11, DJ Kraze started his DJ career. His first influences were his next-door neighbor Michael who put him on his first DJ set. Michael taught him the basics of DJing but, he really took off learning and improving on his skills rocking the crowds at the parks in The Bronx where he would listen to the mixes of the Big Mac Crew with the legendary Disco King Mario, Tex D, Kool DJ D and Africa Islam. Others who came to rock in the park were Kenny Ken and the K Force, Nelly Nel and a host of others. He had the pleasure of meeting the late Disco King Mario at age 13 and he heard Kraze mixing and told him; "Next time you come to a jam, get my attention and I'll let you get on". So the next jam came, and got the attention Disco King Mario’s and sure enough, he was on the other side of the ropes. He was in heaven!!! He got on the set and next thing he hears is Busy Bee Starski on the Mic...WHOA! He became a DJ for life right then and there. His later travels would take him to Europe at age 19 in the 80's where he had the opportunity to bring a great deal of hip-hop influences to his audience, DJing the flavors of Run- DMC and Public Enemy.

In the 1997, he ran into his childhood friend, Joey O and together they formed a DJ brotherhood rocking private parties, corporate functions, mobile parties, and small concerts as Bosco Productions. Working with some of the greatest recording artists in the industry, and DJing along side Joey O in the most historic venues. In his travels, he’s been blessed with the pleasure of meeting artist that were idols to him. Music is in his blood and an important aspect of his life. “Can't stop, won't stop” is his motto. Getting a positive response from a crowd is priceless. In his own words…“I will always be a DJ. I will always rock out parties. God gave me a gift, being able to put people in a Kraze, where all they feel like doing is getting lost in the music. Everybody is just enjoying themselves, I live for that”.

Thanks to all that has helped me along the way!